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T G Barr School2

Phoenix, AZ | Maricopa County


September 6, 2013

I Went to this school in 2008 I believe during that year and the past few years before that I went to a lot of schools and I'd have to say this was the BEST one. Love the teachers they actually help you and never leave you hanging. I'd give this a 5 star. Awesome school guys!

July 15, 2010

i love this school there strict but not mean to the kids at all i just love this school

September 14, 2006

My child has been attendin tg barr for 4 years, my son loves it and loves all the teachers there, when he first started at tg barr my son did not know his number or his letters, when he finished kindergarten he was reading and writing, counting to his hundreds. I have no complaint about the school. My son had learned so much there and his teachers have been so loving and caring with him, he used to cry to go to school in kindergarten but now he gets up and gets ready with no problems. We cannot blame the lack of respect the childeren have at school on the staff, it all starts at home.

Submitted by a parent

July 16, 2006

I am a parent of a first grade and a frequent visitor and volunteer in those classes. I must say that you would never know how hard those teachers work for your child if you never visit the school. Throughout the year, I saw very few parent volunteers. Also, I think that parents should be more active in supporting the teachers and students.

Submitted by a parent

January 14, 2006

I noticed a lack of respect to the children.

Submitted by a parent

April 29, 2003

Barr school has absolutely no control over their students. There is no discipline and no learning going on in most of the classes a majority of the time. Something needs to be done.

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